Our mission.  To build confidence. To teach skills. To make an impact.


Inside or outside the ring, it is our anti-bullying campaign utilizes school wide rallies to make an impact on kids lives teaching them ways to recognize, and report bullying in their environment.  Building a stronger community while at the same time presenting the biggest events in the sport of professional wrestling is what we do.

In the media....

Fundraising Efforts with Main Event!

Is your athletic team, school, theatre/drama club, community organization, church, non-profit or business looking for a fun, unique and family-friendly way of raising money for special trips, events or parties? 

Please inquire about the size and type of event you wish to host. We welcome any ideas and are open to doing many types of events.

We are always looking for ways to help the community!

Anti-Bullying School Rallies!

Main Event Pro Wrestling Anti-Bullying Rallies featuring the Superstars are a great way to get the kids attention in your school or group and raise awareness of the impacts of bullies.  

Contact us today and lets put together ways to bring an exciting event into your school or civic center so we can educate the youth on ways to put an end to bullying once and for all!